Biblical Sites Visitors Booklets

Link to the Biblical Sites Visitors Booklets.

Email from Cynthia

Hello to all………………
It is a great little booklet with lots of miscellaneous info and would have been easy to easy to carry. It was a publication provided by the Israel Ministry of Tourism but they are planning an updated version so have not printed any copies of the current version, The Israeli Tourist office has none in stock. 
We were able to google and find a PDF version online. I have attached a copy of it for your use. Here is a link to the online version. I hope you’ll take a look through it and perhaps find some interesting facts. I’m sure you can download it and print out any page that might interest you.
I’m very disappointed I was not able to get physical copies but but happy I can still share the online version with you.
Looking forward to seeing everyone soon as our departure date is fast approaching!!!
Peace and blessings,Cynthia Evans