Humbled – beyond words

Each Saturday night at the Bacillica of the Annuciation in Nazareth, a candlelight procession takes place where people of various cultures and languages come together to say the Rosary and process around the church and past the beautiful mosaics depicting our blessed mother from different countries throughout the world.The procession begins in the courtyard with different readings from different countries.
Who would have ever thought that some one from our group would have been chosen to do the readings and lead the rosary in English?
I was asked to do the readings and Toni and Diane led the Rosary in English.
We also processed directly behind the Blessed Mother.
Talk about being humbled, mixed emotions, excited, very nervous, prayerful, overcome, you name it, I had ever emotion you could think of and I am sure Toni and Diane had the same.
Yesterday was a very rewarding day and ended with a very moving experience we only get to have once in a lifetime.