Preparing for Your Pilgrimage

Some recommendations to read before your pilgrimage, one should begin preparing physically as well as spiritually.

One of our biggest challenges is going to be the walking from place to place. As you know, Jesus did all of his ministry walking and we will do much of the same. There are ways you can prepare yourself both spiritually and physically. My wife and I are walking 10,000 to 20,000 steps a day. You do not want to sit on the bus because you cannot keep up. If you are not accustom to walking, begin now. Walk at least 2 times a day and build up to at least 3 miles a day where you can walk without discomfort. If you have time push yourself up to 4 miles a day. You will be glad you did.

What else can you do? Improve your spiritual life as well. We are going to where it all began. The Holy Land. If you can try to go to daily Mass. Spend some time in the adoration chapel. The best hour of the week is when my wife and I go to the adoration chapel early in the morning. In the silence, you can really hear the voice of God.

Pray for a successful pilgrimage, pray of Fr Kaz, Cynthia and all those that are making this possible. Pray that your mind and heart will be open to new ideas, new perspectives and pray especially to Jesus and the Blessed Mother to give you an open heart.

Since we will be literally “Walking in Jesus footsteps”, it will be good to prepare by reading the four gospels again. They say the journey is a lot better if you read the book.

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