Ta-Da and what a blessing

My favorite part of the day was the sunrise and everything that followed it including meeting Abraham this evening at the St George’s Bazaar.

The walls talk to us; the rocks talk to us; the way talks to us, Jesus talks to each and every one of us. Jesus moves us from the sadness of the cross to the joy if the resurrection.

Dropped some prayer requests at the Pool of Bethesda, celebrated Mass at the Bacillica of the Holy Sepulchre, carried the cross as we followed the stations of the Cross.

The way of the cross – we were here.
The crucifixion – we were here.
Jesus was taken down from the cross -we were here.
The tomb -we were here.
The Pool of Bethesda -we were here.

When a candle is given to us that was lite from the tomb – we were really here.
When we were given some oil from the lamp from the tomb – we were also here.

I could feel the pool being stirred today. I could see the real meaning of the tomb today. I could see the joy of the Lord at the tomb today. I could see the resurrection at the tomb.

At the tomb Jesus reminds us about the resurrection and to trust him.

My favorite part of the day? Everything.

See photos of my favorite part at https://m.facebook.com/groups/860447367628711?view=permalink&id=900479390292175.

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  1. nwbp77@gmail.com says:

    Went back to see Abraham tonight.

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