Where is the Damascus Gate?

Two young men knew the way, we were deep in the culture of "Old Jerusalem" after going through the Damascus Gate and wandering past shops, street vendors, and people that didn’t want to be in the photo.

Someone said make a right here, so we did and went up the Ascent street. Good thing we had some women with us, they asked for directions from two boys that understood enough English to get us on the right path, and behold the Damascus Gate was there and we made it home safely. (We gave them a tip for helping us find the way.)

That was the evening after a wonderful day in the Holy Land, our first full day in Jerusalem.

We attended Mass at Chapel of St Jerome where Fr Kaz reminded us that Jesus was born here, very close to where we are at this very moment, and when ever we hear the Christmas story our thoughts will come back to today.

We visited the cave where Jesus was born and visited St Catherine’s where midnight Mass is broadcast all over the world.

Next we visited the Shepherd’s field where the angels appeared to the shepherds over 2,000 years ago.

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